Friday, October 28, 2011

Dealing with Rage

Nature provides us with some interesting examples of how females deal with rage.

The wolf spider, black widow, tarantula, scorpion and praying mantis all kill their mate when their done with them. This is the real life equivalent of people in TV shows, movies, and the crazy lady in the shopping centre screaming ‘Stop it or I’ll rip your head off!’, ‘I’m gonna kill you!’ or a variety of other ‘death’ inducing exclamations… except that the animals actually follow through. A bit extreme, perhaps.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a CD by a guy named Don Spencer which is filled with cute folksy songs about Australian animals. I used to listen to it as a kid, and wanted my kids to hear it too. Go ahead and type Don Spencer into You Tube if you’d like to sample a slice of the delight. In listening to the songs, I relearned something I remember learning as a kid. I was reminded that it’s the female mosquito that does all the biting. The male will just buzz around happily without malice. It’s the female that’ll get you!

Mosquito, I like your style. What better way to irritate someone than to buzz around their head all night, make them itchy from head to toe, then come back again to do it all again the next day?!

What is the real life equivalent of this? Sneakily taking all the towels out of the linen closet while the person (your husband?) is in the shower so he has to shake dry like a dog. Hiding the TV remote so only you know where to find it. Using his razor for shaving your legs so when he comes back to use it on its face, it’s blunt. Taking all his underwear out of his drawer and putting diapers in there instead. Taking all his money out of his wallet and replacing it with monopoly money. Giving him a ridiculous nickname and tell him you think it’s endearing.

Subtle mind games. Because we love you.

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  1. Great post!! This really made me laugh because I've done more than half of those to Joe!! : )