Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being an Adult

I've been a true blue (literal) pioneer for the past four days. We've had no hot water. Not even lukewarm water. Just frigid arctic springs out of our pipes.

After my most recent pneumonia-inducing attempt at a bath, I declared that I couldn't take it anymore, and that I was going to the in-laws to take a shower in the morning before school. To which my husband replied...

"Why don't you just shower at school?"

Excuse me? I have never showered in a communal-all-out-in-the-open-for-free-peeks shower and I'd rather not start.

My husband is really sympathetic so he said, "Wow dear. You show grow up and be an adult. No one else thinks this is weird. It's not a big deal."

Now I may be totally off my prima donna rocker, but I don't think that I'm the only girl out there who has yet to shower in a public watering hole. If I remember right, NO ONE in junior high dared shower after P.E. in the girls locker room. One girl did once (in her underwear--hehe), and she was forever labeled and marginalized.

In fact! I once talked to the building planner for BYU and he said they were considering taking out the showers in the girl's locker room because they are the most unused waste of space on campus.  So there! I know that showering in locker rooms is like a coming of age rite for boys so can't expect my husband to understand, but do I have any female sympathy out there?...

...or do I need to put on (or take off) my big girl panties and be an adult?


  1. I have never showered in a locker room shower and I doubt I ever will. I used to take ballet when I was in my teens and I was a PRO at changing from street clothes into ballet attire without anyone seeing a stitch of my skin. I was that good. Kudos to you!!

  2. Hahahaha. I know exactly which girl in middle school you are talking about. You definitely get branded as a weirdo when you use the locker room shower.

  3. Oh man, I can not express to you how much I loathe the communal shower. Thing is, even without a communal shower at my local YMCA (there are shower stalls where I shower regularly) I still see naked women! Usually really old, naked women! I would really like them to learn how to keep a towel on whilst walking to and from the shower area. No, you, my dear, have been wearing the big girl panties for a long time, and your panties just matured for being unwilling to shower communally :)

  4. I would NEVER shower in a communal shower. For some reason it doesn't bother guys...they like to show off or something:o)