Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Neighborhood Round-Up

I do classy things. Like get dressed up for church. Or eat without my elbows on the table. And I did go to the prom once. So, when other people do less-than-classy things, do I judge them? Usually. (One of my current and re-occurring weaknesses) I shouldn’t though. I know this. And truth is, when you’ve actually cut your husband’s hair in the front yard with a pair of clippers or let your children run around the neighborhood in their diapers, you qualify as “one who shouldn’t judge on things less-than-classy.”

So, when less-than-classy things started happening in my neighborhood I should have thought kinder thoughts. But it was hard when the following things happened in quick succession:

-Public urination: The pre-teen suspect looked around to see if anyone was looking first. A nice gesture. But apparently he missed me… and my family.

- Teenage stripping: The teenage suspect was being egged on by his friends to take off his clothes in broad daylight. Looking out my window I saw the shirt come off, but when I started to see crack I opened the door and yelled, “Hey, put your clothes back on!”

- Pot smoking: When my teenage neighbor yelled to another teenager walking by “Hey (insert name here), you gotta stop smokin’ that stuff,” I pretty much had him figured out.

Now I just need someone to keep throwing garbage in the front of our house to complete the neighborhood. Oh wait, someone already does that.

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  1. Crap. I cut my boys hair out on the porch. But, I don't smoke pot, so I guess it evens out :)