Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Personal Bermuda Triangle


Does it really matter?

It's just a number.

After all, everyone else your age is your age, right?

It was my b-day yesterday.


I guess I always knew I'd hit my 30s, but really, it was never going to happen to me. I'm young, after all.

As if this milestone b-day weren't enough, I'm about to have child #3.


You know, the kid when you have a REAL family.

When you and your husband are outnumbered.

When the mini-van no longer seems like a nightmare, but becomes a sort of welcomed reality.

And another thing, I sent child #1 to all day Kindergarten this week.

All day!

8am to 2:41pm to be exact.

I'm now a PTA mom.

The kind I used to think must "just not care" about education (not to mention fashion) when the homework wasn't turned in exactly on time when I was a spunky 23 yr. old teacher.

I'm turning that finger around right now.

So let's sum up this post:

30th b-day + 3rd child + PTA mom x (all in one month)= A MID-LIFE SOMETHING

What that something is going to be has yet to be determined.

I'm too proud (aka poor) to go drastic with plastic.

And a new car of the non mini-van variety is out of the question.

New hairdo?

Perhaps that hair color that's meant to look like you have roots?

They call it "melting."

I call it low maintenance in a high maintenance kind of way.

In short, I'm heading for disaster.

Well, either that or life will go on as it ever has.


  1. I think this "mid life something" call for a girls day out after your baby comes. (you bottle feed so you could leave her with the husband all day if you want. One of my favorite things about bottle feeding:) That and being able to keep my shirt on all day.) We can get our red headed friend from up north to come too. We can talk about our wrinkles and varicose veins! It will be epic.

  2. Eh, life will go on as always. More and more wrinkles will appear in the next few years, but life will continue, and disaster most likely won't strike.