Thursday, September 8, 2011

Movie Review: The Help

I think every female book club in the great state of Utah has read "The Help." Am I right? I'm right. I haven't read the book in it's entirety yet, but I did see this movie last week and it was spec-tac-u-lar. So here is my movie review. Forgive my lack of eloquence, I pretty much stink at reviewing things.

(I'm borrowing from Erica's outline).

The Acting: 10. All the way around. I'd probably be the worst actress alive so maybe I'm a bit generous when judging others, but seriously very well done.

Hair coveting: 1. Spiral curls - no thank you. Wigs - double no thank you.

Tear-inducing capacity: 8. My reasoning? I almost cried 4 times, which means any normal person probably would cry. Why? Because racism is freakin' messed up (a profound statement, isn't it?).

Husband friendliness: 6. I don't really know, my husband wasn't with me. But he's seen the previews and has no interest in watching the movie whatsoever. I did see two men in the theatre and one of them may or may not have been Bronco Mendenhall (BYU coach. This information was not confirmed but the movie was playing during the University of Utah's football game so it's highly probable). So, what I'm trying to get at is whether or not your husband will like it is a toss up.

Inspirational Message: 10. The basic moral of the story is that individuals can make a difference. I'm pretty sure that's inspirational.

Overall: 9. I should probably give it a 10, but I hate to seem over-excited about the whole thing. Ah, what the heck. I give it a 10.

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  1. Guess who just decided what her husband was going to take her to for her b-day tomorrow...