Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joy from Jerry

You know when you hang out with someone so often that you begin to talk and sound like that person? You say the same "cool" phrases, start to use the same vocal inflections, and even start to move your mouth and head in the same way they do? My husband did this a few years ago...with Jerry Seinfeld.

No, we do not know Jerry personally. It's just that my husband spent so many hours a week listening to Jerry (via Seinfeld), laughing with Jerry, and repeating the things Jerry said that he became his own version of Jerry.
Even though this was a few years ago and their lives have since taken separate courses, every once in a while he'll say something and I'll have to ask him if it was a Jerry thing or his own thing. Same voice. Same words. Same expressions.

So this year when Jerry created a website where he shares his own personal favorite stand-up bits everyday, my husband was overjoyed. Friends reunited at last. On a daily basis. You'd think Jerry moved in next door.

So Jerry is back in our lives, bring us daily joy. If you're a fan at all you might enjoy his daily bits here.

Here is one of my favorites to serve as a teaser:


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  1. I can pretty much relate everything in my life to a Seinfeld episode. True Story. Thanks for the tip!