Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Hypochondriac's Dream

A few months ago I was a day late (ifyaknowhatImean) and with Google at my finger tips I quickly scoured the web for tell-tale signs.

Do you have a stuffy nose?

Difficulty exercising?

Want to eat baked goods all the time?

Need a nap?

Gaining wait?


Bloated? (with or without Mexican food)

Really hot?

Or just plain feel pregnant?

Yes, Yes, Yes! There was no doubt in my mind. I was pregnant for sure.
Until I wasn't. According to the home pregnancy test and well, reality.

I don't think there is a symptom out there that can't be chalked up to nebulous "hormones" and baby growing, which is why I think pregnancy must be a dream for hypochondriacs. Finally, justified paranoia!


  1. Don't worry. YOu are not alone. Every single month I wait and wait for signs and every month I think I am pregnant and then find out I am not. I feel a little crazy at times. That and my poor husband pays no attention to me thinking I am pregnant anymore. Lol ah the joys of waiting :)

  2. LOLOLOLLOLOL Until you really are and then you understand why you werent all the other months and that the "hell" you are living in currently may or may not be for the next nine months ;) WOOT

  3. I pretty much experienced this exact same situation. I too, am a hypochondriac.

  4. haha; Yes I did that several times as well. But you should know that once that starts happening, pregnancy usually is not far from the future. ;)