Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gun Shots and Yellow Tape

Someone was shot and killed in my neighborhood last week.  Seriously.  Like 50 yards in front of my house……yeah.  I felt terribly sad, yet scared at the same time.  Interestingly enough though, as scary as it was for me, my husband seemed unaffected. The evening went a little something like this:

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!…

Me:  Did you hear that? 
Husband:  What?  Oh, I think it was just fireworks.
Me:  No. no.  (getting more and more panicked with each spoken word) I think those were, (gulp) gun shots.
Husband:  What?  No.  (He goes to look out the door.)
Husband:  Oh, (all casual and unaffected like) there is a guy lying on the ground and some cop cars. 
Me: WHAT!?!

Then my husband shut the door and plopped back on the couch to watch a show while I continued to panic and stew about the possible scenarios of what might have just happened. 

I didn’t get it.  How did he remain so calm?  SOMEONE JUST GOT SHOT IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE!  And there he sat, watching TV while I peeped through the blinds to find out what happened as the police put up the yellow tape.  So, in a effort to figure him out, I came up with four possible reasons why he remained so expressionless.

1.)   He was trying to “be cool”  (This isn’t eighth grade, man.  I already know you’re cool.  That’s why I married you J)
2.)   He tried to act calm in an effort to keep me from panicking.  (A noble reason.)
3.)   He was more interested in his show.  (Lame)
4.)   He works at a hospital downtown where gunshot victims frequent the ER and is used to seeing this kind of thing.  (Sad, but possibly true.)

I’d like to say it was #2.  But I’d be wrong.  Really, very wrong.  So which one is it?  I’ll leave that for you to decide.  Because, quite frankly, I’m a terrible decision maker. 


  1. Holy crap! You gotta love livin' in the hood. I would have panicked, too. Glad you are safe!

  2. wow that is crazy! I would have freaked!

  3. This is crazy! I would be freaking out, but I think my husband would probably act like yours because of reason 3 & 4. There is some degree of invincibility that comes with being a guy--they can go to Walmart alone at night, run in the wee hours of the morning alone WITH an ipod in, and even stay home without locking the doors without any trepidation or real need for it. My life on the other hand, is largely governed by avoiding situations I where could be abducted (or murdered). Am I crazy? Maybe this is the result of much too many Mary Higgins Clark books at the age of 11.