Friday, September 30, 2011

Food Evolution

The first humans* were either brilliant or completely insane. How in the world did they decide what to eat, drink, use as medicine...etc? When you think about it, some things are truly disgusting and quite frankly, a little demented.

Who decided, "Hmmm, I should roll up these weird leaves and light them on fire and then smoke them!".

Who found rotten potatoes and thought," I should let these sit a little longer and then make a drink out of them!". I'm sorry, have you ever smelled rotten potatoes? It is what I imagine the people in a gypsy camp in the middle of summer would smell like.

I understand some eating something growing on a tree. Fruit looks beautiful. I think nature intended it to look lovely and enticing. I also understand watching the animals eat the grass, or different plants and following their lead. But, did the first humans just do a lot of trial and error? Like line up and try eating different animals?

"Mmmm, cow. That was delicious. Add that to the menu." Or....
"Euwww. Aardvark. A little on the tough side. Toss that one."

What about plants?

"Well, Ted just dropped dead. I guess those yellow berries weren't any good." Or...
"I wonder if I dried these leaves, then soaked them in some hot water and then drank it; would it help calm my irritable bowel?"

The kicker for me is...

"Whoa! Do you see that white, round thing that just came out of that chicken's butt? We should crack it open and fry it up!"

So, my conclusion is this. Think about Beethoven, Mozart, and Einstein. All brilliant and all crazy. The first humans were just crazy geniuses.

* (I am going to exclude Adam and Eve. They were inspired, you know.)

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  1. Yeast kills me everytime I use it! Who in the world had the time to figure that out! Maybe they were just bored (and hungry).