Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Confession: I'm Addicted to Sugar

When you wake up in the morning and it takes all you have NOT to eat ice cream for every meal, you know you have a problem.  Because seriously, I would eat ice cream for every meal if it were socially acceptable or  didn’t make me sick all over the bathroom floor.   But there are just so many delicious flavors.  Sooooooo many. 

I occasionally remember how bad it is when I over do it on the sweets.  Like that day my three-year-old threw up because he ate the exact same things I did all day.  Yeah.  Talk about feeling “the guilty parent” feeling.  I don’t imagine we ate salad and cucumbers that day.   Thing is, salad and cucumbers don’t taste like Oreos.  They should, but they don’t.  And I’ll almost always choose Oreos and ice cream over cucumbers and salad.  I think Michael Scott said it best when addressing Dwight Schrute very irritably about his beet farm.

Michael:  “Why do you grow beets Dwight?  No one likes beets!  You should grow candy… (even more irritated) I could really use a piece of candy right now.”

So could I Michael.  So could I.  


  1. Well thanks for not making me feel so bad with all the sugar I just poured on my morning cereal! ?I am with you I love the sugar

  2. Jami...I think it's a family quality:) Dad, Jason, and I have had MASSIVE sweet tooths. I've recently had to cut sugar out completely though. (Along with gluten and dairy). It's stunk!! (But I've lost 10 lbs in five months just doing that!)

  3. I've almost kicked my habit! I only had 4 peanut butter cookies for breakfast today! Haha!!

  4. Uh oh. Sounds like you need an intervention with a dietitian. I know a good one. :) (I'm partially kidding...I've been known to pull and all dessert meal from time to time: )