Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Black Eyed Peas: Sell-outs or Geniuses?

This post is one that I've been thinking about for awhile now, and it has a back story. In January of 2010 I had my sister and my cousin over to watch the Miss America Pageant.


I don't know. We like to get together to gab and (in the nicest spirit possible) poke fun at the contestants. This could make me sound heartless.

So be it.

It is what it is.

During the beginning dance and introduction portion (You know, the part where they all come out doing jazzy choreography, wearing a sporty ensemble and heals, and say something like..."From the state with 5 National Parks and even more Osmonds, I'm Miss Utah!"), my cousin said,

"You know, those Black Eyed Peas are geniuses."

I hadn't thought much about the fact that the contestants were dancing to "I've Got a Feeling" (...that tonight's gonna be a good night...that tonight's gonna be a good good night).

She was right. Can you think of an event that this song doesn't fit? It can be used at any and all sporting events, awards shows, birthday parties, etc. Heck, I'm even considering using it at the upcoming birth of my child (J/K...although it may pump me up just enough to get through the experience).

And then, they follow it up (or maybe preceded it; I'm not current on my Black Eyed Peas discography) with "Let's Get It Started." Again! This song can be played at ANYTHING.

And guess who's wallets get a little bit thicker every time it is played?

That's right...


You could say that repeating the same generic lyric over and over again to a catchy beat isn't really making real music.

You're right.

It's making a guarantee that your music will be played over and over again...forever, and your bank account will forever be growing too.

Now, that's just smart.


  1. I vote geniuses. And why can't I come up with any million dollar ideas?

  2. I've never really thought about that, but you're right. I hate both those songs with a passion, and yet, I find myself singing along every time I hear them, and I can't tell you how many times I've heard both those songs on the tube during some sporting/Hollywood/pageant/Reality TV show or event. Stupid music it may be, but hey, who cares when you're making millions. I also vote YES to playing both songs on repeat and as loudly as possible in the delivery room!