Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Belated Welcome (Among Other Things)

Did you notice we have another new contributor with us here at Pear Shaped Thoughts? On Monday Lindsay (henceforth known as Linz so as not to be confused with the Lindsay that's been here since the beginning) wrote her first post on our site. Check it out here, if you missed it. Also read a short bio of her here. Welcome!

Now on to my post. I was reading the other day in a magazine (I'm aware I should cite the source here, but that would involve getting up and walking to my kitchen to find the name of the magazine) about a study that was recently done on marriage. The study found that spouses who constantly dwelled on negative aspects of their partner were less satisfied with their marriage than spouses who focused on positive attributes of their loved one. Really? Now we have researches spending time researching blatantly obvious things?

It's like saying, "people who are bit by dogs are more likely to have a dog bite on their body than those who have never been bit by a dog," or "people who drive cars are more likely to reach their destination sooner than those who walk." Yeah, duh.

I sort of feel bad for the researchers assigned to this ridiculous study. Can you imagine how they must feel when comparing projects to their fellow researchers? Researcher #1: "Yeah, I'm tyring to ascertain whether being negative in a marriage leads to a more negative marriage. What are you working on?" Researcher #2: "A cure for cancer." Ouch.

In related news, I always read a magazine cover to cover even if I'm not interested in the topic. It's a compulsion. That's how I run across little gems like this from time to time.

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