Monday, August 8, 2011

Pregnancy Books, Gotta Love 'em

So, I have this one particular pregnancy book that graciously shows the reader what they can expect their profile to look like month to month as their pregnancy progresses by showing a naked pregnant lady. My first thought was "who volunteers to pose naked when they're pregnant?" And my second was "who wants to see someone naked while pregnant?" And my third was "were they meaning to be cruel when they chose a model who only gained 25 pounds her entire pregnancy?" But besides this naked pregnant lady portion (I'll spare you the pictures) this book is a real gem. A real gem.

I like the caption on this picture: "We planned for pregnancy together. It seemed the natural thing to do." Yeah, your partner should probably be involved in this decision. I thought that was kind of obvious, but whatev. (But maybe these two should wait until they're out of junior high).

Here's a lovely couple going to a prenatal class to learn how to take care of baby. The only question is which one is which?

Here's "Pat" again under the heading "Looking Good." Um, if you say so.

And finally:
A tutorial on how to take a onesie off of a baby - in case you were raised in a barn.

This book is good for a couple things: making you laugh and making you grateful the 80's are over.

* Pictures courtesy of "The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Pregnancy & Baby Care."

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  1. I especially love how the couples are color coordinating :) I know I always try and match with my husband when we go out.

    Also, when I was preggo with #3, the ultrasound tech thought we were 18! It was a glorious day!