Saturday, August 20, 2011

On Moving

What do about 50 boxes+ 2 pods+ 1 car hauler+ 2098 miles+ 2 kids+ 1 very pregnant lady + 5 hotels + 1 patient husband + hundreds of snacks + 1 car DVD player (running constantly) + countless hours trying to decipher vanity license plates =


You'll forgive me if I have nothing clever to say about anything.

My brilliant cousin (or maybe it was his even more brilliant wife) once related moving to their version of what Hell must be like. Eternal packing and unpacking over and over again. After this week, I'm pretty sure that there aren't many things I like less than moving.

On the upside: you've all been hearing about the quirks of Utah via this blog for quite some time. Now, you get to hear about the quirks of a whole "nother" place.

It's going to be good (or at least sub par).

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