Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The M Word

Of late my husband's car and I have a few things in common--screeching, sputtering, and stalling.

I'm a good(ish) driver and the car is in great condition except for the fact that its a manual transmission. I have not yet been successfully schooled in the ways of stick-shifting finesse. My husband's been trying his darndest (he has the bald patches and ulcers to prove it).

And here's my rant for the week...why do they not teach you how to drive manual transmission in driver's ed? How difficult is it to drive an automatic? I think we were all cheated. Driving a manual transmission is an art folks and it's becoming a lost one. One that is only passed down through loved ones and wannabe boyfriends in pickup trucks (of which, I never had).

Really I shouldn't be taking out my frustration on the driver's education programs. The biggest problem with this situation is that I'm learning something about myself that I've always guessed but never wanted to say out loud...

I'm a terrible multi-tasker.

There, I said it. I know--what kind of a woman am I? Aren't we all supposed to be master multi-taskers?

I'm terrible at it. How can I shift, break/gas, clutch, watch the road, and be a civil driving companion all at the same time? It's preposterous! On a  good day I can't even be bothered to answer a question while I'm stirring the pot, it will get messy (either for you or the burning food).

Not fitting into neat boxes and stereotypes might not usually bother me, except that I think multi-tasking is a motherhood pre-requisite. I think I'll fail.

Did you all start so great, or do I have hope?


  1. Don't worry, when you give birth, you also sprout more arms! And your husbands arms will work for you, too. :)

  2. I am still figuring things out as I go. and I know that the next baby will be different and Ill have to learn all over again! Oh the joys of motherhood :) I am sorry about you having to drive stick, I HATE it. I know how..but I do not do well, it stresses me out till I start crying. lol I think most girls do not like to drive manual.