Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Innocent Victims

I get bored with my hair frequently and feel the need to experiment (I think this is a woman thing, right?). Apparently my own hair isn't cutting it these days because my creative urges have spread to my husband's hair. Poor man. 

It's just that he's had the same haircut for a long time--like our whole marriage. Four years remember? LONG time. I'm sure it's been the same cut since he gave up on the backstreet-boy-bleached-tips pre-mish.

We're also getting an aging complex for him (he can no longer wear "rad" boardshorts). I think this is contributing. 

Anyhow, I've been doing some research on what super hot in men's hair trends this year. 
This did not come up in the google results, but there is a priest in my ward who has steps and the young women seem to think he's a stud. My husband said he had them when he was ten. Do you think he could pull it off at 30? 

Okay maybe not. I'll keep looking. In the meantime, let's all commit to not letting our children be the subject of internet hair mockery. Apparently there is an official name for this "do"--the chullet. 

Exhibit A:
Curly Sue meets Joe Dirt. 
Exhibit B: 
I know what you're thinking, that cowlic is OUT OF CONTROL!
Exhibit C
Terrible hair knows no ethnic boundaries
Exhibit D
Chullet and a speedo?! Yikes

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