Friday, August 12, 2011

Glimmers of Hope...or Junk?

Some people read palms, others read tarot cards, and mariners the stars. I’m wondering if anyone reads other people’s mail?

If so, today mine would tell you that:
  • I’m a tree hugger (I’m an annual Utah Tree Survey recipient) 
  • I’m a redneck (Cabela’s coupons anyone?) 
  • I’m over 65 (I get invitations to hearing aid or retirement planning “dinners” all the time) 
  • And I may have just won $1,000,000 
None of this is true of course, making snail mail synonymous with junk mail for me.

Can someone please tell me why, then, everyday I’m a little bit excited to see what the good postal servant has brought me? It’s like a very scaled-down version of Christmas morning for me. Maybe something from Amazon? Netflix? A wedding/birthday/bridal/baby shower invitation? A true-blue handwritten thank-you note?

Anything to bring meaning to the ugly silver box at the end of my driveway! Please!

What would your mail say about you?

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