Saturday, August 27, 2011

A "Fun" Story to Get You By

If we are on course, I am currently somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania right now. So obviously, I have time to write this post.


Actually, this post was scheduled prior to my taking off on my long journey across the country. And since I can't tell you of the mishaps we've experienced this week because I'm sure there have been some, I thought I'd share a quick story about my adolescence to get you by.

There's nothing like remembering puberty to make you feel really good about yourself now, no matter where you are in life (even 34 weeks pregnant).

As I've mentioned before, I had a bit of an acne problem in Jr. High. At around the age of 14 it was at an all time low (or high on the grease scale, it all depends on how you look at it).

I had spent about an hour in front of our bathroom mirror one day, obviously feeling really confident and secure.

When I finally came out of my cocoon of sorts, my dad said,

"You know, Lindsay, you've got good skin. It might just take awhile to get here."

Well played, Dad. Well played.

Note: This story was funny to tell before I was a parent myself. But it became hilarious to me after I became a parent. Dad, I'm not offended by this in the least. In fact, thank you for giving me something to blog about 16 years in the future.

And awhile it did. In fact, I'm still waiting.

Only now, I'm battling wrinkles on top of the acne stuff.


  1. "Awhile" for me will be in heaven.

  2. Oh George. Just remember one thing, you've got the brain.