Friday, August 5, 2011


These past few years I've been experiencing some entertaining (and potentially handy) side effects. 

typical airplane passengers

Anywhere I'm surrounded by a multitude of strangers--the grocery store, the airplane, nursery--I imagine what it would be like to be stranded on a desert island with them.

Who is going to be the one who tries to eat the food supply? Hoard the food supply? Hunt the food supply? (I'm worried about the food supply).

Who knows morse code? Spear-fishing? How to braid corn rows?

What about relationships? Which one of you will be my bosom friend? Grate on my nerves? Rescue me from wild hogs (along with polar bears, smoke monsters, and evil pygmies)?

If you haven't already guessed, the cause of my delirium is the lingering effects of this this craze

and giving-in to this suggestion to check out the latest season of Survivor.

And this brings me to my brog for the month, I'm going on a cruise soon! Woo hoo!  

... I guess I'm just sayin' that if I don't make it back, don't worry about me. By the time the boat goes down I'll have it all figured out. 

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  1. There's nothing like planning ahead - even if it is totally neurotic.