Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Celebrity Crushes

Before I begin my post, Lindsay asked me to introduce myself. My name is Jami and I am the newest member of Pear Shaped Thoughts. Here are some things you may care (or not care) to know about me.

I am a wife, mother and ice cream snob who smiles at some things, laughs at most things, and cries about everything. I spend too much time catching up on celebrity gossip and not enough time at the local "Nails 4 You" getting pedicures. I currently live in Virginia surrounded by saintly people who may soon be translated.

My cousin recently wrapped her arms around Zachary Levi. THE Zachary Levi. If you don’t know who Zachary Levi is then I suggest you get caught up on your pop culture so you can enjoy his endless handsomeness.

She posted a picture of said embrace on Facebook. I quickly told her to marry him. I suppose I could have told her to make out with him, but that didn’t seem like the Mormon thing to say. So I suggested marriage instead. Marriage is really the better deal anyway, because then you can make out all you want. But I digress.

You see, Zachary Levi is my current celebrity crush. (Take that Edward Cullen.) My celebrity crush timetable began with Joey McIntyre (give me a break, I was in 2nd grade). It gradually evolved to the likes of Ben Affleckduring his Armageddon era (yes, I actually had a poster) and John Mayer on his short hair days. My husband’s celebrity crush never changes. It’s been the same person for as long as he can remember. I can see why too. She’s a total babe. Always has been, always will be. Halle Berry.

Unfortunately for us, We’ve never had our picture taken with any of them. I did once see Snoop Dog in the flesh, but I doubt a picture with him would garner any jealous feeling from my BFF’s on facebook.

Who knows what these people are like in real life. I like to think that Zachary Levi is a little like his character on “Chuck”, all funny and nerdy. And I’m sure Halle Berry is a perfect lady who just looks that good all the time.

So what about you? Any other hot celebrities I should know about and considered adding to my celebrity crush list? Or maybe you don’t want to tell me so your subconscious can have them all to itself whilst dreaming. It’s okay, I totally understand.


  1. You forgot to mention your crush on Eminem. Oh yes, I remembered.

  2. Wow...where do I even start with mine?? Sad thing is...I actually keep a list.

  3. Ok. Let's begin with me:

    Lenny Kravitz, Colin Firth, and Matt Damon.

    My husband:

    Zoey Dechanel

    For awhile I thought that Josh Hartnett was a total babe, but I'm over it.