Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bless Those Pioneers

This last weekend my very extended family got together for a family reunion (or I should say "strangers also known as blood relatives meeting for the first and last time") in the bustling suburb Portage, Utah.  Suburb of what you say? Tremonton. If you don't know where that is don't feel bad, it's in the middle of nowhere and Portage is just a hair to the north.

The "Welcome to Portage" sign says that the town was founded in 1867--the same time my relatives moved there to settle it. It got me thinking...

"What would it have been like to be called to settle an area and build your homestead all by your lonesome?"

Even now, a century and half later Portage only boasts about ten houses and a church building.

I tried really hard to think of the benefits:
  • Mowing the lawn in your swimming suit without your neighbors judging you
  • Letting weeds grow in your garden without your neighbors judging you
  • Burning dinner without your neighbors knowing to judge you
But the cons outnumbered them
  • No grass to mow
  • A farm requiring intense manual labor
  • Hunting, skinning, and making dinner daily
  • No chocolate
  • Indian attacks
  • No neighbors to judge

Aren't you so glad we all live on tiny lots packed like sardines? 

Thank you pioneer ancestors for your homesteading efforts that have created the land we love so much (well, everywhere other than portage). 

P.S. How did we make it past the 24th of July without any mention of our dear pioneer ancestors? Some of us should be ashamed to call ourselves Utah mormons. I think I'm exempt...I'm still trying to figure out how to "celebrate" this holiday.


  1. Hey, don't blame me! I mentioned Pioneers (well Pioneer Day) in my Close Encounter post. So, that counts.

  2. I would also like to add... No Target.

  3. I'd say something about feminine hygiene products too, but that would probably be TMI.