Monday, July 11, 2011

The Things You Learn About Yourself at a Parade

Some realizations are harsher than others. This past weekend I had a particularly harsh realization. I'm old. And ornery. I went to a parade and a bunch of dumb kids kept standing in front of me. Normally I wouldn't care but I wanted my son to be able to see. I got up not one, not two, not three, but six times to tell them to move (yeah, that's how dumb...or defiant...they were). The reason they were up on their feet in the street during the parade were twofold: 1) they wanted candy and 2) their parents apparently took the "hands off" approach on parenting.
But let's focus on reason number 1. I remember being 9 years old. I remember thinking that getting free candy at a parade was of top importance (who was I kidding? All of my candy up to that point in my life had been free). I remember hating when old folk would get in the way of me having fun. And now here I am. The old folk. Sigh. It came on much sooner than expected.

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