Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sorry Sushi; I Don't Get You

I've been doing an unusual amount of eating out lately, so I've got it on the brain. This is because of two reasons:

1. It's summer, and while my thermostat is currently set to 68 degrees (sorry to brag Erica) turning on my oven/stove is the last thing on earth I want to do and the only grill I have is of the George Foreman variety.

2. As mentioned in just about every single post I've done, I'm pregnant. While pregnant when I'm given the option to not cook, guess what...I don't. I avoid it at all costs.

Again, I don't want to brag, but I'm great at eating out. G-R-E-A-T! One of my talents (you could call it that, I guess) is having extremely non-picky taste buds. I can eat and like just about anything.

One of the husband's non-talents is being extremely picky. He's notorious for it.

For a few years now, he's been in jobs/school where he goes out to eat nearly every single day. The injustice of this while I choke down whatever the kiddos left on their plates for lunch is not lost on me. After all, he doesn't even like food.

One day he came home and said, "We went for sushi today. It was gross. I think people just like it to be cool."

While it's true that the sushi phenomenon just barely came to Utah County about 3 years ago and is pretty trendy, I told him, "No, people really do like it. You're just not an eater. It's really popular." I made these statements without ever even trying it, but like I said, I like everything, so I was confident.

Then I tried it.

Yeah, I don't get it. I wouldn't say that it was totally disgusting, but it was a little bit slimy, lazy and generally unsatisfying.

SLIMY= A lot of it is raw. In my opinion, raw meat is just a little bit unsettling. I know that fish is pretty safe and all, but even the fish sticks my kids eat say that they need to reach an internal temp of 160 degrees, so do I really trust completely raw fish? And doesn't cooked fish taste better? Why then would we choose to eat it raw?

LAZY= Really? I paid for someone to cut my raw fish in a fancy way and serve it wrapped in bland rice with a few colorful veggies? Get this guy on the Food Network, I'd love to cook like him!

UNSATISFYING= Sushi is healthy a lot of the time and I'm not one for gorging yourself or anything, but the point of a "meal" is not to leave feeling hungry or deprived, and then wonder what you just paid for.

People will say, "You just haven't had GOOD sushi." You're right. The sushi I had was far from good (it was sure pricey enough to be good), but I'm not waiting around for GOOD sushi. I'd rather not waste my time. For now, I'll continue to eat with the uncool.


  1. I like California rolls and that is about all the sushi I can handle. And it isn't even raw or real fish. Imitation crab. Which I sadly love. Also, it sounds like you and I are in the same relationship in regards to food. I nag on Scott ALL THE TIME about his picky palette (sp?) but he just rolls his eyes and says, "I can't help that I have advanced taste buds." Lame.

  2. you just haven't had GOOD sushi. No, really.