Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm not going to lie, I'm drawing a blank on what to post about today so I'll just share a few observations I've had lately...

* I've been eating an unorthodox amount of macaroni and cheese
* It's a creepy feeling when someone is coveting your church calling
* Summertime ain't what it used to be
* Ain't ain't a word and you ain't supposed to say it
* Movie theatres (Cinemark) shouldn't charge a 2 year old who sits on your lap the same price for a ticket as an adult
* I'm in that awkward pregnancy stage where I don't look pregnant but I do look like I've just polished off a box of donuts
* I have a weird thing for Ames (Bachelorette contestant)
* Hot dogs are good in a gross way
* Contrary to popular belief you can lead a normal life even if you haven't seen all the Star Wars (or maybe that's the only way to lead a normal life?)
* I used to think butter was good for you because it was made of milk, but now I'm finding out it's made out of cream which makes me think it's not good for you

That's all

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