Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Person, Big World

My husband is a foot taller than me. He says he's average height. I say he's tall. Tall would be nice except that he can be very difficult to live with as a tall person.

If a large height disparity between you and your loved one isn't a on and count your lucky lack of inches.

Here are my reasons. (For complaining):

1. Switching drivers in a car feels like you're back in driver's ed again--manually adjusting all the seat and mirror settings for at least five minutes before you can back out and actually get on the road.

2. As a tall efficiency-nut he insists on using the top eight inches of all of our closets (you know the space that is usually unoccupied above the tall stacks of games/shoe boxes/quilts?). He once installed a rod up there to hang his shirts above the lower normal height rod. Could I reach it to hang his shirts? No...and it was really too bad. It cut my laundry time down by at least 5 minutes.

3. When he wants to punish me (that sounds harsh, I should say "teach me a lesson," but what's the difference?) for leaving the cocoa powder on the counter every morning he puts it above the cabinets where I can't reach it.

And the worst of all...

4.  On our super nice tall toilet, my feet don't reach the floor. So what do they do? Dangle. I feel like I'm three years old every time I gotta go. It's embarrassing, but luckily, restroom going is not a public matter.

To end on a positive note, I should say that his height does come in handy at when I need someone to reach the cocoa powder above the cabinets in the morning.


  1. Your husband - what a bully!

  2. haha! Jeff is TOTALLY not average height. GABE is average. 5'9 is the average male height so you can tease him now :) But I think you also are lucky because since he is a big guy he can do a lot of big jobs! And by the way, that high up closet rod drives me NUTS and has nothing on it lol