Friday, July 15, 2011

Ice Cream Imposter

Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that there are people in the world (even close friends and family. Gasp!) who go out to get ice cream and leave with a non-chocolate concoction. 

That being said, my many years of ice cream indulgence and exposure to strange jelly belly flavors has taught me that sometimes even the weirdest sounding creations can be sweet treats too. 

This is why, when I made my most recent visit to Cold Stone Creamery, I braved the new Strawberry Basil flavor. I'll admit, I saw the label and did a double take. What the? It sounds disgusting right?

So naturally, I tried it. 

Gold Cone - Strawberry Basil

I wish I could say this story has a happy ending. It does not. It was gross. One described the basil addition as "adding a sweet, grassy flavor to the ice cream." What? Who wants to eat grass? (Besides your toddler and dog. And let's face it, neither are connoisseurs of high quality delicacies). How does this sound appealing at all?  

It could have potentially ruined my ice cream experience if I hadn't had my chocolate laced back up. Apparently strange ice cream flavors are all the rage this summer, so consider yourself warned. I'd hate to say I told you so.  

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