Friday, July 8, 2011

I Swear I Was Just Saying...

...that my life has been a series of unfortunate events lately.

It's just getting laughable at this point. 

I got locked out of the house on Tuesday. 

In my swimming suit. 


The good: 
I had my cell phone. (It's necessary for timing when to turn over when tanning. Luckily)
I had my ghetto sunglasses from our secret service themed girls camp.

The options I considered in the order I thought of them: 
1. Break into the house through the open kitchen window. I texted my husband, he said this was not a legitimate option. He doesn't want a bent screen.
2. Go hang out at my neighbor's house until my husband got home 5 hours later. Did I mention that we're new in the neighborhood? And that I was in my swimming suit?
3. Walk to my mother-in-law's house. She lives a mile away. I'm guessing I'd see a minimum of 10 people I know on the way there.  Too bad I was barefoot right?Ha! ...though we did have diving flippers on the back porch now that I think about it...
4. Hangout and wait until my husband could leave work to rescue me. 

I chose option number four, called my mom and had a nice coversation, and cleaned up the back porch. All in all I was only locked out for about 45 minutes. 

If your not cringing on my behalf by now, wait for the best part of the husband had been playing with settings on his phone over the weekend. He decided to turn on the audio reading of text messages so when I texted this in my hour of need:

"Oh no. Help! I'm locked outside of the house... In my swimming suit!"

Everyone in the cubicles next to him heard it too. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I can't wait for the company bar-b-que!


  1. Hahaha...I have to admit I wasn't feeling bad for you until you informed us of the text message =) On one of the days I was attempting to potty train Lizzy I ran out the front door to get the mail and she locked me out while she was completely naked inside. I had to run over to the neighbors house to borrow there phone and I was barefoot and bra less. I am just glad I had a sweatshirt on to cover that up =) I waited ten minutes for Ron to run home with visions of lizzy peeing all over my house.

  2. Oh gosh! I often think about scenarios like this one back in the 80s when our parents didn't have cell phones. What did they do?

    You should have just stood on the curb, waived to passersby, and put out a jar for tips. You could have made a decent day's pay!

  3. LOL oh Erica, you make me laugh so hard. Thing is, I can totally picture this all in my head. And somehow I can see Jeff just laughing his head off at work. I am glad he didn't leave you there to suffer :)