Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How the Wild West Does the 4th

Happy 4th of July to everyone! (on July 6th)

I'm still suffering from post July 4th hangover. It's not that I do anything spectacularly hard on the 4th, at all, but after staying up late partying at my sister's "Cul de sac of Fire," the kiddos and I are all a bit lethargic.

Sidenote: Is it just me or does it feel about 15 degrees warmer after the 4th of July no matter what the thermostat says? Or am I just pregnant? (I had to mention it! Just had to!)

Have I ever mentioned where my sister(s) live? Lehi. Anyone who grew up in Utah County knows that Lehi is our Wild West. Big trucks, sitting cowboy style next to your honey, and a special version of Utah Hair still exist when you hit Lehi Main although it's probably not as prevalent now as it once was.

We've been doing this "Cul de sac of Fire" thing now for several years, so why was this year particularly special?


And the cowboys sang Hallelujah!

I mean, let's be honest, the rebellious folk of Lehi have always done aerials illegally; this wasn't the first time I've seen them there, but it was as if everyone went hog wild now that they can. Seriously. We all didn't know what to do with ourselves we were so over-stimulated. We could see everyone's fireworks within a half mile radius.

And it was spectacular.

Sidenote: Do you think Evanston's economy will ever recover from this new law?

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