Monday, July 18, 2011

Dating Disasters: A Miniseries

We thought it would be fun to do a little miniseries the beginning of this week and share our worst date stories. If you have one you would like to share and possibly have posted please e-mail us at

There's nothing more awkward about being a teenager than going out on a date with a teenager. Especially when they lack in the communication department (basically what I'm saying is my date didn't talk to me - the entire night). In my high school days I was on the student council and one of my responsibilities was to plan a couple of dances. So I planned a dance, a boy's choice dance, and got asked out by a boy...let's call him T-dawg. I didn't know T-dawg very well, but whatever. So he picked me up, didn't say a word to me. We got in the car and drove to a restaurant, didn't say a word to me. Luckily we were with other people in the car so there were others to verbalize with. But weird, right? I mean he asked me out. We ate dinner (not a word). Got in the car, or more specifically the minivan (some men just know how to impress the ladies) and it wouldn't start. We honestly sat in the parking lot for an hour and a half waiting for the driver to start the van. I suggested that we call his parents but my advice went unheeded and we all waited while the van engine turned over and over and over...Do I need to mention that the whole time we waited T-dawg didn't talk to me? Because he didn't. Finally the minivan started up and we got to the dance with about 15 minutes left before it was over. We had time for a few dances and you'll never guess what happened while we slow danced.

He sang.

In my ear.

And then never talked to me again.

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