Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Vinyl Lettering Epidemic

Who knew this would take off like it has, right? I'm not here to bash vinyl lettering (well, maybe a little). In fact, I have two of my own vinyl signs hanging around the house. But therein, lies the key. I have two, not twenty-two.

When did we feel the need to label every room in our house with the things? Such as...
The laundry room (if it wasn't labeled, I would for sure mistake it for the living room).

The bathroom (oh, so that's what we're supposed to be doing in here).

The bedroom (P.S. gag me).

And the children's room (I hate to break it to the masses, but unless your dad is a monarch over an entire country and it's people, then, well, you're not actually a princess).

Of course, we can't forget the outside of our house.
(Unless I don't live here).

But perhaps the most disturbing thing that has come out of this phenomenon is the overabundance of cheesy quotes placed, well, basically everywhere. Here's the worst one (in my humble opinion, of course):
Is that really true? Because I can only recall having my breath taken away twice - once when my brother scared me really badly and once when I fell out of a tree. And if life is really about these moments, then I'm confused.


  1. It's so true! I've only ever had the wind knocked out of me once, and it was on the playground when a friend and I ran into each other doing cartwheels. I'd hate to think that my life is measured by that one moment because it wasn't my finest.

    Have you ever seen one that's incorrect (spelling or grammar). That's really just a shame.

  2. In Lieu of the "wipe your feet" ones they should make ones that say "don't you dare drag your dirty shoes across my newly cleaned carpet". Now that I would put on my wall :)

  3. Vinyl Lettering...considered art by Utah moms. (Gag!) I love when there is a "label" in every room of the house. Thanks for letting me know this is the bathroom, I was wondering why there's a toilet in here:)

  4. "We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all." Did you notice the grammatical error? I saw this one on a plaque at Tai Pan Trading not more than a month ago.

  5. I can only laugh at this because its SO TRUE!!