Friday, June 17, 2011

There's Nothing Like an Awkward Photo to Announce Your Love

I'm sure there are some of you out there whose lives are Facebook deficient. The truth is, you're not missing much--except a time wasting opportunity, knowing all the parenting troubles of all your friends, and the best part ...everyone's pictures. Awkward and otherwise.

One of the best Facebook groups for picture entertainment is BYU's Awkward Engagement Photos Group.

I'm positive that not all of these pictures are of BYU co-ed's (because some definitely represent honor code violations). I've included my own captions in commentary, but I'm sure you'll have some of your own to share too. Don't be shy. 

 Nothing is like an engagement shoot at the temple. 
What could possible make it better? A Nativity Scene. With an awkwardly placed Shepard to witness your love. His plastic expression makes this picture.

 It takes a big man to pull of such a corny photo. 
It could have been worse--him holding her in the palm of his hand from yards away. We all want to be protected boys, but this is a bit much.

I think the caption on this one says it all. 

 This couple sure knows how to but their best assets forward.

 I have no words for this one.

Two thoughts: 1) He's really eager to show their loved ones who wears the pants. (Eek.) Or
 2) He's really tired of their freaking 2-month long engagement

 It's normal to feel twitterpated, anxious, and even apprehensive when your about to tie the knot. This poor woman looks like she's trying to send an S.O.S signal. I'm thinking he's a closet serial killer. That or she just found out he still lives with his mom. Deal breaker ladies.
A little to hot, heavy, and sopping wet for my taste.

 He's found a keeper everyone, and he's not going to let her get away. 

"May I please touch your shoulder now."

This couple took "tying the knot" a little too literally.

  I saved the best for last. 
If anyone was wondering why these two are getting married, this announcement should clear it all up...and a lot of other issues.


  1. LOL ohh that end one was awful!
    These kill me :P

  2. There are no words for that last one, but I'd say it opens up a whole lot of issues actually! His spray tan being the first.