Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Movie Review: X-Men First Class

Before we proceed onto the review I should probably come out and admit that I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy movies. Not enough that I know all the character’s names, languages, and species. Most of the time I don’t even get the names right—Star Wars/Star Trek, X-Men/X-Files, Tomatoes/Tomaughtoes. What’s a name anyway?

It’s just that I like sci-fi and fantasy better than chick flicks that will inevitably produce streams of nasty mascara running down my face and a pile of soggy Kleenexes at my feet. It’s not pretty people. Once I start there is no stopping and who wants to pay $8.99 for feelings of despair, lost love, and betrayal. Not me.

I’d rather pay for alien abductions, apocalypses, and mutants.
So without further adieu here’s the review:

The Review: On a scale of 1 to 10 

 The Acting: 9.

It won't change my life, but I left the theater saddened that we had to drive home. Lame. Teleporting would be so convenient. (I’d say the actors were convincing.)

House-coveting: 9

As long as it came with a maid, a chef, and central air conditioning I’d take it.

(Who am I fooling? I’d take any house with those amenities. I’d have all sorts of time freed up to do important things--like thinking about things to write on this blog. Win for me, win for you.) 

Corniness: 2

 Overall good dialogue and character development. The only killer for me in this area was the time the submarine popped out of the middle of the ice and the girl made of diamonds shaved a piece of an iceburg off with her finger to put ice in her drink. Really? Is that the best use of this girl’s skills?

Husband friendliness: 10

Action (Not the sexy kind. The fighting kind and not too much) + no awkward relationship moments or soul bearing = perfect husband movie.

Tear-inducing capacity: 1


Overall: 9

Worth seeing. I wouldn't recommend it for girls night (unless you want to take me of course, then I'm game). I would recommend it to make up for all the times you made DH sit through your sniffles in a corny chick flick. 


  1. I am so glad you liked it! I will have to go see it with Gabe. I love these movies, but I also love my chick flicks. I wear water-proof baby! :P

  2. Your review made me almost want to see this, but then I remembered I hate action movies.

  3. It really is good! Way better than I thought it would be. We saw it opening day- we are kind of X-Men nerds. Maybe we should double and go see it again, because heaven knows I want to see it one more time. And so does Harrison probably.