Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Haven't Coveted This Much Since Vern Yip Disappeared

Kasey, I'm with you. There is a shocking amount of brown being used these days in interiors. I'm not opposed to brown altogether; you can't rule out an entire color, but may I give you my HGTV summer cure for the brown epidemic?

Sara Richardson of HGTV's Sara's House:

Last summer I DVR'd her remake of an old farm house (or "hewse" as our Canadian friend Sara says), and I haven't been able to bring myself to delete it yet.

It's that good.

I'm pretty sure that if I had a cool 1.5 million dollars to spend, I'd make this house my own even if I had to move to Canada, start watching hockey, freeze my tail off, and adopt their accent.

I'd do it!

Here's a sampling of the Hewse of My Dreams (note: I don't think these pics do it justice, but just so you have an idea...):

Sara loves color and uses it. She combines flea market finds with expensive finishes and perfect fabrics and VOILA! A masterpiece.

This summer, Sara is renovating her own personal summer home (actually, I think this was shot 2 years ago) and episodes can be seen on HGTV on Saturday nights. It's quaint, on it's own island, and heavenly. You can see the gallery of the house here.

If she keeps this up, I may try to get Sara to adopt me.

On another note, can anyone tell me what happened to Vern Yip?


  1. Oh how I miss Vern. I haven't seen Design Star in a while or Vern's show "Deserving Design." Hopefully he'll make a comeback. I love him!

  2. In addition to HGTV's Design Star and Urban Oasis, Vern's been working on a line for Home Shopping Network: