Monday, June 27, 2011

At it Again

It seems as if I've joined the ranks of Lindsay and well, millions of other women in the world. I'm pregnant and proud (but not in a prideful sort of way). During this second pregnancy I've thought a lot about my first go round and couldn't help but think "what the heck was wrong with me?"

Obviously when pregnant you are overly tired. At the time of my first pregnancy I visited patients in a rural area twice a month for work. The traveling time was two hours each way. Often I would drive to the center with the maintenance guy who also had to visit the rural center monthly. We would be having a conversation and before I knew it I was out. I tried to "pretend" I wasn't sleeping, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. I hardly knew the guy and here I was sleeping in the passenger seat next to him for two hours. No shame, I tell you. That would be totally embarrassing to me now (well not now because I'm pregnant and tired again, but a few months ago I would have been embarrassed). I realize this may not be a big deal to some, but come on, it's totally awkward.

Speaking of no shame, I hope this time I'm a little more modest with family members than I was last time. I'll leave it at that.

And the emotions, oh the emotions! I don't cry very often. Unlike Erica (crying during High School Musical, what the?) I maybe cry four to six times a year. But, under the influence of pregnancy I can be quite irrational and cry over the silliest of things. I remember one time I made dinner and I wanted my husband to eat before he went to a viewing, but he was running late and he wanted to eat after the viewing. You can bet I cried, a lot. After all, wasn't the food I made more important than the grieving family? Or remember the peanut butter commercial where the mom is in school and she's up late studying? One of her kids makes her a peanut butter sandwich. That was a real tear jerker for me. Yet, typing it out I am wondering what, exactly, could make me emotional about that scenario.

Of course, all the insanity and changes physically, emotionally, and mentally are all worth the time the baby sleeps through the night (just kidding, sort of).

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  1. Of course I'm thrilled! And I have my own funny crying story that happened just last night. I may post about it later this week...too many pregnancy posts? There's just something about a hormonal cry that kills me!