Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alanis was Right, Isn't It Ironic?

TodayI went visiting teaching (please don't take this as a humble brag, there were only two days left in the month after all). The lesson was on self-reliance. I've made a goal to bump up my personal study so I spent an hour this morning in preparation and thought. (Feel free to take this as a humble brag). I visited the woman's house, we had great conversation.

Upon leaving I backed out of the driveway. There was an immediate crunch and scrapping sound.

You can imagine my horror and surprise to run around and see a child's bike lodged underneathe my car. Tightly. Thankfully it was childless. No amount she-woman strength was going to pull it out. We all tried. We even tried lifting the car to pull it out. (What were we thinking?) No luck.

Then I remembered I have a jack in my trunk. Hooray, we'll lift the car and then pull it out! This was a great idea, but had many problems.

Problem 1:
I couldn't get the jack out of the brackets in the trunk. No release button, screw, or lever. Am I prepared to use this equipment? No, I can't even get it out of my car.

So, we got the jack out of a neighbor's car.

Problem 2: 
How do we use a jack?

Sadly, four women from four different generations had no cumulative experience that could help us open the jack. So, looking like complete fools with our woman power significantly deflated we fiddled with the jack for way too long until we figured out how to use it.

Just moments earlier I was priding myself on self-reliance. I'm humbled frequently for moments like this, but the turn around time on this one is unprecedented.

Note:  I've learned my lesson to walk around my car before backing out, so please, no hate mail. With a flat tire and slightly bent rim I hope the little boy did too. It was his fault. Five-year old's these days will just leave their prized possessions anywhere! Sigh. Should I offer to pay for it? 

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