Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three Goals I Made in Therapy (a.k.a. Relief Society)

Ok. So I actually went to a Relief Society activity where I learned something useful.

Not being critical here. I like going to RS activities for the time away/girl talk and all, and I hardly ever miss one, but sometimes the activity either through execution or by sheer idea just doesn't grab me.

I thought the idea of "Stress Management and Time Management Skills" was just one of those ideas where I'd go, listen, eat, chat, but ultimately would come home just having a good time with the ladies in the ward.

But NO! I really did need this sort of therapy.

Here are the three goals I made as a result of tonight's meeting:

1. Make a task list every night with no more than 6 things on it for the next day.

These are not all routine things that I would normally do (like getting my kids dressed), but some of them may be (like getting myself've got to put some of these things on your list sometimes to make the list not so daunting). Prioritize them with 1 being the first or most important thing to do and 6 being the thing that takes the lowest priority or can wait until later in the day, then work on them in that order the next day.

2. No computer time until my kids are in bed.

We were taught that it takes on average 15 minutes to get back on task once you've been distracted from the task at hand. If you're like me, you can sit down at the computer for a quick check of your e-mail or check of the weather and find yourself perusing for an hour. Let's face it, my kids distract me enough when doing anything that isn't them, so I don't need anything else to distract me when they are awake. And honestly, there is nothing necessary that I can't do online at night when my time is mine.

3. Live in the moment and breathe.

I'm having myself a bit of a stressful moment in life. I'm pregnant with my 3rd child, moving across the country (one month before this baby is due), will be driving 2000 + miles in my 33rd week of pregnancy, have no doctor scheduled there yet, have no place to live when we get there, am sending my oldest child to all day Kindergarten less than a week after we arrive, and looking to sell all my furniture, one car, and refurnish an entire household before this baby comes. It seems like a lot. And it is a lot. But at the moment, there is nothing I can really control about the situation. It's too early to find a place to live or a doctor (I'm waiting to schedule until the first of soon, this will be off the list), and it's too early to sell the car or furniture or pack.

Tonight I realized that in the end, I know that if I live in the moment, take things one at a time, and look at the individual tasks instead of the whole picture, it will all get done, and we'll be on our way. I just need to control what I can control and let the rest work itself out.

Wow! I never knew therapy could be so cheap.

Now I need you all to join me in collectively breathing in and breathing out.


Breathe in...

Breathe out...

I already feel better.

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  1. Oh my goodness Lindsay! I'm breathing in and out with you. That is really stressful. Especially being that far along in your pregnancy. I hope that everything will work out okay. Hang in there. And like you said, only take on one task at a time. :)