Thursday, May 12, 2011

Never as Easy as it Looks

Do “do it yourself” projects take anyone else 5 bazillion times longer than expected and come out looking like kindergarten handy work? I recently recovered a lampshade. The step by step instructions claimed, “If you can use scissors, you can do this project!” And, I suppose it’s true. I do know how to use scissors and I did complete the project, but it took me an hour just to finish step number 3 (the actual recovering of the old lampshade). Which was 55 minutes longer than it took the person on the instructional video to do it. Not to mention the additional 20 minutes it took me to scrub the spray glue off of my kitchen counter, which the girl on the video didn’t have to do. My bad.

Another DIY project gone bad occurred the summer my sister and I thought we’d make a dozen or so aprons to sell at a local boutique. Oh how young and innocent we were. We did make the aprons. Only it took two years. To make one.

I won’t even get started on house projects. Okay, I will. When we first moved into our home we thought we would update one room a month. Ha. Ha! We’ve been here almost a year and we’re still “working” on the first room.

Practically every craft project I have pursued has the same results. So will I stop trying? Probably not because, after all, I'm a woman in Utah and crafting is what we do. I think it's a residency requirement or something.

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  1. I would suggest to just start buying things that look homemade and then claim them as your own doing.