Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Favorite Past Time

It used to be sitting. 

If you're like me you don't have to hunt for dinner, pull a handcart, or wash your clothes down at the creek and as a result you find yourself with extra time to enjoy sitting. The bad news is, you're probably worse off for it. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that all my sitting has been contributing to the pear-shape we boast so proudly of on this blog. Lest we all become victims of the coveted pear-shaped I propose you stand while you read this. 

After an onslaught of many editorials, research articles, and seminars that have all preached the ills of sitting, I've been moved--literally--and am now looking for a new past time.

According to all the research they've been doing on the topic over the last seven years, you can't exercise your way out of the negative effects of sitting all day. (It used to be considered sound advice to tell someone to sit on it. The times sure are changing). 

Dr. Marc Hamilton said it best when he said, "Too much sitting is not the same as too little exercise."

"Are you an exercising coach potato?" (Guilty). Maybe you're one who diligently spends 45 minutes working up a sweat at the gym five days a week. Good for you. What are you doing the rest of the 23 hours and 15 minutes of the day? 

If you have a small (male) child under the age of 8, you are probably wearing patterns in your carpet chasing him around the house all day. If so, consider his interminable energy a blessing. 

If you don't have a kid to chase (or even if you do), maybe it's time you should consider being inefficient. 

I'm not joking. This is great advice. 

The result of all this research is not a recommendation that we all hire personal trainers and spend 4 hours at the gym everyday, it's just that we look for more ways in the day to move. 

What a funny concept right?--Moving. 

After being motivated to move I've found that being inefficient is a great way to be active. I take multiple trips to the pantry for ingredients, to the closet to hang up clothes, and up the stairs to put things away. I park my car far away from store entrances, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and walk to church (I live in Utah people, the church building is only a block away so don't be too impressed). In my previous life I tried to "save" time. But for what? To sit and relax later. It's overrated my friends. 

I've even found that I can enjoy some of my favorite sitting related past-times, like watching reality T.V. shows, and still be active. I stretch and do low key yoga/pilates exercises. It's still relaxing and rejuvenating, but has less of a fanny flattening effect. It's all about the win-win here folks.  

It turns out that with my change in focus everyone is benefiting. Everyone as in my husband, who likes a clean house, a homemade meal every night, and a firm fanny (maybe this is TMI, but if you're still reading this you deserve a little sensational tid-bit to top it off). 

If you're still not motivated, consider this motivational message brought to us from the future by the visionaries at Pixar:


  1. LOL Ohh Walle. Their blended food always makes me gag.
    Well I am glad to know that chasing Mas around all day pays off a little.
    Here is your solution, KIDS! ha ha

  2. This is great advice. I have found that I make a lot more trips up the stairs just because lately. I really like it.