Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's a Girl...Again

Welp, we just found out that there'll be no lack of estrogen around here. We're having our third girl.

Really, who'd of thunk it?

When we were first married and thought of future children, I would have never guessed in a million years that we would have three girls. But that's just the thing about life. You never can tell.


1. My 5 year-old had to rub it in right after we heard it was a girl by promptly telling her dad, "Wow, now there's 4 girls in our family and only 1 boy." Yeah, I think he knows.

2. Right after that my husband mentioned something about the cost of weddings...

3. But then I jokingly made the statement, "Yeah, but girls don't have to go to college so..."

4. Then the husband jokingly made the statement, "Well, but who's going to teach them to cook and sew?"

5. Right about now I'm feeling really good about the following purchases:

6. This pretty much ensures that we will never be called as leaders in the scouting program. (Lucky?)

7. I'm the third of three girls so I have a strange connection to this little one. I know what she can expect...hand-me-down everything (clothes, books, toys), endless advice, and friends for life.

8. You know what they say (I actually have no idea who "they" is), "A son is yours until he gets married, but a daughter is yours for life." I think we're pretty set for life, lucky dogs.

9. I've checked out (albeit, briefly) the baby boy clothing section, and I think I'll happily stay on the girl side for now.

10. Ultimately, the true blessing of the ultrasound is to see that things all look good physically with the baby, so for that we are very thankful.

11. And of course, the two big sisters couldn't be more pleased.


  1. It's true. Boy clothes pale in comparison to girl clothes. It's tragic, really. Congratulations again, by the way.

  2. So maybe if you watch enough reality t.v. (Project Runway, Iron Chef America, etc.) this baby will be born already knowing how to cook and sew. We are excited for another gorgeous girl.