Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Walk the Line

The line between concerned citizen and someone who needs a life, that is.
(I'm starting to feel like I'm divulging all of my oddities on this here blog. The nice thing about writing about myself, though, is I don't have to do any research or fact checking).

Example #1:
When my brother was in high school and I was in my early 20's he received a postcard in the mail from Playboy offering him a student discount to their magazine. Seems illegal offering such questionable material to someone under the age of 18, right? So I called the local law enforcement. They said they couldn't do anything about it. It was almost as if they had more important things to do like saving lives, solving crimes, and keeping criminals at bay, or something. So, I took matters into my own hands. I wrote Playboy a scathing letter. It didn't do a thing. Two months later they sent him another postcard.

Example #2:
I took my son to a nearby park not too long ago. Their were two teenage delinquents there - during school hours (gasp)! One was a boy the other was a girl. This information will be important later on. Now, I'm not against sluffing in general. I may have dabbled in it a bit myself. But these teens were being very, very friendly with each other. Not that my son noticed anything at his age, but it won't take long until he's more observant and, sheesh, he should be able to just enjoy the park. Plus, I don't want the park to be known as "the place" to sluff. So, I called the police and they said they would send a patrol car over to check it out. Take that you hooky playing juveniles. I haven't seen those same two young'uns again, but in the past month there has been 3 different groups of teens hanging out at the park when they should be at school, so obviously word hasn't gotten around.

You tell me - is my police calling too excessive over silly things, or do I keep up the crusade?


  1. Oh man this is so funny. Good for you for saying something. It sounds like there is a theme to your whistle blowing (protecting the innocence of youth from immorality). Keep on truckin' Kasey.

  2. First of all, your city police officers (I know your city) don't have real crime to fight. I mean, I've seen the local police beat too. Playboy should have taken top priority. I think they were just making excuses to go to Harts for diet pepsi. But then again, maybe they were going to Harts to find all those sluffing juveniles.