Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Comeback Kid of Reality TV

It's no secret that I love a little reality television. Add to that wintery weather and the love intensifies. Add to that a very sick first trimester of pregnancy and well, I'm practically begging for something to do as I lay in the fetal position on the couch every night.

So out of desperation this winter I began watching shows that I have ditched in the past. Namely, American Idol and Survivor.

Let's start with Idol. I tried. I really tried this season. At some point though, I just couldn't do it anymore. I haven't really watched Idol in about 4 years, and now, I remember why.

I think these girls sound like really talented 13 year-olds:

No really, close your eyes as you listen to them, and tell me how old you think they are. Granted, they really aren't much older than 13, but the problem is that I am.

And I hate honky tonk country music in general, and what's worse is when it's done, again, by teens:
This guy has the opposite problem though. He sounds like he's 65.

And now that the judges don't really judge, there just wasn't enough interest to keep me in it. I also heard a story when I was in college about JLo leaving an interview to go get an emergency manicure so I just can't take her seriously.

Not only that, but haven't failed Idol artists in the past proven that people buy good songs, not good singers? I mean, Josh Groban is a great singer, but other than him, you only have to be good to a certain point to make it.

So I left Idol about a month ago, and this time, I vow not to go back.

But the surprise for me this year was Survivor. Survivor first started when I was just out of high school, and it was the first time I really ever watched reality T.V. I watched about 4 seasons, and then I left. For no particular reason except I guess I got tired of it or just didn't care anymore.

Well, they just wrapped up season 22 on Sunday, and can I just say that I haven't had so much fun watching T.V. in a while.

They brought back Boston Rob which for me didn't mean much as I only vaguely remember him from the first time he played Survivor and got kicked off early as I remember. They also brought back Russell, which I guess was a big deal too, but not to me at all as I have missed roughly 18 seasons:

Well, Russell was a huge disappointment, but Boston Rob was something of a wonder to watch. Add the comic relief of this guy:
and you have yourself some entertaining Wednesday nights. Even the husband watched, which doesn't often happen when I watch my shows.

I know what you're all thinking. Really? Survivor? What is this, 2001? Yes, I'm telling you. If you too are sick, bored, in need of something to distract you while you fold your laundry or do your dishes or scrub your floors, I highly suggest you go to hulu and watch every episode from this season. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Perfect timing for this post. On your suggestion, I started watching it and have successfully finished the season in two days. This sounds terrible, but I just watched it while cooking dinner, doing the dishes, and laundry--which never gets hung up in the same night--so it was actually great for me.

    If you want to talk about the drama I'm all ears!

  2. Oh, and I've never been able to do American Idol but I'm really loving The Voice. Go figure. I'm going to say it's the Christina factor.

  3. I quit watching American Idol this season too. I think I made it to the point where the super talented gal got kicked off (Pia, I think her name was...), then I quit watching. I'll have to go to hulu and watch Survivor. I haven't watched it in years. I'm just looking forward to Project Runway, which returns sometime this summer.