Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Rant On Movie Ratings

Ok. So I am that type of person. The type that when it says "R" it's a no go. I don't care about how many awards it wins. I don't care that my not-so-secret crush on Colin Firth (he's Mr. Darcy, after all) has me longing. It says "R" so I'm just going to have to wait three years to see it on TNT when they cut out all the smut.

But when that "R" is magically changed to a "PG-13" one weekend, I'm the first one in line. So yep, this weekend the husband and I went to see The King's Speech, and I'm being really honest here, I have no idea why this movie ever deserved an "R" rating. I know why they gave it an "R" originally, and it's because of this:

More than 2 F words, not directed at anyone and not done in the spirit of violence.

I don't condone the F word. I don't like it. I don't use it. I don't want it near the ears of my children. To get this movie to a "PG-13" rating, they replaced said F word with a slightly less offensive swear word. But even at that, I would say that this movie was the least offensive "PG-13" movie I have ever seen. Really. In fact, I've seen far more offensive episodes of Glee (and I only watched Season 1), Project Runway, The Bachelor, and, if we're looking strictly at language, any NBA game.

So here's my beef:

1. Why is there a black and white rule about language when there seem to be no other rules about what immoral behavior is acceptable for 13 year-olds to see? To me, it just makes it too easy to get that "R" rating to win awards when you don't otherwise need it (like in The King's Speech).

2. Why isn't there any set rule about "women as objects" or "glamorous drug use" or "nearly pornography" or "wreckless sexual behavior"? All things I saw (along with the F word) in The Social Network rated PG-13 and which no one warned me about.

3. What I want instead of a blanketed letter rating is a report card of sorts. You list out all of these things, write out how many incidences of each there are in the movie, and then you let me decide if I want my teenager to see it. It's far too easy to just give it a letter rating based on opinion and then let an unsuspecting public think it's just fine to see or just fine for their children to see.

Oh, and did we like the movie?

Yes we did.

We give it four enthusiastic thumbs-up (mine and the husbands), and in this home if you can find a movie we both like, you know you found a gem.


  1. I am in love with this blog. I have done nothing but read it for the past four hours. Finally, I am probed into making a comment. Here's where my man-candy and I go before we see a movie : And the PG-13 King's Speech was fanfreakingtastic!

  2. Please note that I had to clarify that it was the PG-13 version for self-righteous purposes...

  3. Lindsay, if you want a website that does exactly what you are asking for, check out Greatest website ever