Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Movie Review: Water for Elephants

I'm not normally an opening-night-movie-goin kind of gal, but I became one accidentally this weekend when the husband and I went on a double date with friends to see this:

Water for Elephants

The Review: On a scale of 1 to 10 
Warning: Slight Spoiler Alert!

The Acting: I give Reese a 9 and Pattinson a 7 
(which is an improvement from the 2 I gave him as a vampire).

Water for Elephants

Hair coveting: 11
Love, Love, Love the 1930's pin curls.

"What the?" fashion flashback moment: 12

How did we go from unisex spoon-shaped riding pants, to surran wrap pant hopefuls? 
 (Don't even get me started on how photoshopped this woman's poor legs are.)

Vintage is so in right now you know. What's more vintage and timely than depression era get-up? What do you say--want to be trend-setters? I know you, like me, are feeling the hankering to emphasize those birthin' hips. 

Infidelity awkwardness: 10
Water for Elephants
We're supposed to want Pattinson and Reese to be together, but my moral compass just wouldn't allow it. She is a married woman people! I'm sorry I just don't condone sneaky kisses, even if the guy is immortal and has super strength (oh, wait, wrong movie...).

Tear-inducing capacity: 5
It is a moving story, but I only squeezed out a tiny tear out of one eye which is a BIG deal. I can be a full-out crier at the most trivial touching moments (i.e. High School Musical).

Husband friendliness: 4
Water for Elephants
I thought it was too long, which meant my husband thought it would never end. Poor man. It's a pretty movie and all the 1930's fashion serves as great eye-candy. This makes a great recipe for girls night out fun (which my husband suggested 5 minutes into the movie).

Overall: 7
It was good and I liked it.
But...I wish I would have read the book first.
And then added it to my Netflix que months later.
To watch on a night when I was home alone. 
With my snuggy.


  1. ERICA! I loved this post. We had exactly the same thoughts on the depression era fashion. I am in love. I even did pin curls for work today. :)

    I am definitely up for starting that fashion trend up again.

    The only difference in my ratings is that I am smitten with Robert Pattinson. girlish crush.

    I would highly recommend reading the book. It has SO much more than the movie gave, yet I like them both.

    I saw the movie again last night, and was glad to see your review!

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. It's good to see a review on this movie as I have wanted to go see it, but didn't know about the whole infidelity thing! It does look beautiful though.

  3. If you have issues with the infidelity thing in the movie, the book will make you extremely uncomfortable. She's a great writer but added WAY too much sex for my taste.