Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Catwalk

Find it at a Costco near you.

Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of women pushing carts around the warehouse look like they're ready for a night on the town and not just a stroll through, well, a warehouse full of bulk foods?

I feel under-dressed 9 out of 10 shopping excursions.

Don't get me wrong, in general I feel like it's a good thing to look decent in public. I even enjoy dressing up and looking nice from time to time (as in 9-5 for work, anything before or after that is during the bewitching hours).

But...if I've spent all Saturday morning doing yard work should I get decked out to make a trip to the warehouse?


Let's all be honest, (I'm sure you're all thinking it) the real question I should be asking myself right about now is:

"So what. Why do you even care what other people are wearing?"

Option A: A healthy dose of peer pressure anyone?

One side of this issue is that for some reason I hate having to feel like I need to beautify myself. Or even worse, that I need to do it because everyone else is. Part of me wants to continue going to Costco in my paint spattered pants fresh from home renovation to just prove I don't need to play into the "women as objects" societal perceptions of what I "should" do.

Option B: I am lazy and need an excuse, so I am critical of those who are not. (shameful ladies, I know)

I have to admit that sometimes I fall into the category of "I don't want to spend the time to beautify myself, so I'll spend the time to look like I'm the kind of person who doesn't need to/care to."

My friend Erin (who is also a Utah-non-native) recently posted this on her Facebook wall:
Why do 95% of the Utah moms wear workout clothes (she later further classified the attire as designer grubbies) to go grocery shopping? I don't understand. I want to tell them that grocery shopping is not a real work out, but I'd hate to disappoint. Hear hear to jeans and t shirt moms!
This comment in response to Erin's FB post made me laugh (guiltily):
I occasionally wear workout clothes to the grocery store, but the only reason is that I haven't showered and look like crap and I just need to make a quick trip. I have just enough dignity to not wear my pj's, but not enough to shower and get ready, so work out clothes are a good alternative. They almost give off the impression that I look so gross because I just had an awesome, kick-booty workout, which is usually not the case. That's my story. (Emphasis added)
Sadly, the only labels on the bum of my grubby pants are "this woman got a little too close and personal with wet paint." Should I feel bad for wearing grubbies that are really, well grubby?

A good friend of mine (ahem... Kasey) once reasoned with me that she thinks it's a positive thing when people dress up to look nice. Perhaps too many people are too casual about their appearance in public in our day and age (cue the young hooligans with their escaped convict facial hair).

So ladies, the final question is...

Do I dress up (in designer pj's or otherwise) to go to Costco and by doing so join the ranks? OR...throw caution to the wind and stick with my comfy ponytail and hooded sweatshirt?